Friday, April 24, 2009

~Vacation '09 ~Williamsburg VA

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We're home from, how do vacations go so fast? One day your anticipating your upcoming 'getaway', then BAM! It's over!!!! The above picture is of our condo, which in my opinion is the only way to go :-) If it were only a 1-nighter, a hotel room would suffice, but for a week long vaca, only a condo will do! The kiddos had their own bedroom and bathroom, we had our own room and BIG bathroom, living room, dining room and a nicely stocked kitchen. I was able to make Cream of Wheat and turkey bacon every morning and make dinner every night. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, steamed squash for example....not bad! Except on the kids pick night we had fish sticks and tator tots :-( and I added peas :-)
Something I learned on vacation.....I'm getting old! The kids have so much energy! We must of walked 12,483 miles every day and we'd come home exhausted but the kids would want to go swimming or to play putt-putt or basketball. Oy!!!!
I also learned that vacation isn't very 'restful'. Every day I had to be up and in the shower by 6:30am, except for one day we could have slept in a little because Busch Gardens didn't open until 10am..............and Cody woke us all up at ..... 6:30 :-( Ugggg!!!! Duane and I enjoyed all the architecture and "old stuff" as the kiddos called it. The kids of course marked Busch Gardens as their favorite, and now they've got the roller coaster bug. They are already trying to plan a Cedar Point trip for this summer. I'm so glad Cody was around to go on the BIG roller coasters with Duane so I don't have to this year. Some of the crazy 90 degree straight down stuff they have out now is just gettimg TOO extreme for moi!!!

I've looked at other peoples vacation pics from Williamsburg and I missed soooo much. We spent 2 days there and barely dented all there was to see. Alot of it was because it was spring break and the place was packed so it was a lot of 'waiting to get in and hurry up to get out'. I'd love to go back when it's not quite so crazy and be able to take some pics without all the tourists in the way :-) and to eat at some of the more "authentic" restaurants.

I didn't do the place justice with my pictures so go HERE for pics from