Saturday, July 12, 2008

~Speed demon

Courtney looooooves Uncle Craig's 4 wheeler- after she figured out how to change gears she was Flying around the field all by herself! It was good and muddy out today after a boat load of rain came down----perfect for 4 wheeling :-) We literally had to hose the girls off they were so muddy heehee

Friday, July 11, 2008

~Fun with my new camera

I made cora match the carpet (& albino!) cora has purple hair like tonks
cora with a massive tan LOL
red courtney
I've been torturing the kids with testing out the funky settings on my new camera :-) My kids are tired of it, (obviously, see nort walking away?) but I can still get Cora to work with me.

~Old fashioned Lemonade stand

Cora & Courtney are outside selling lemonade, cookies and popcorn right now. They just looked so cute I had to run out and take a picture. They lost $2.58 by sending cody to the general store to get them more cups, because they ran out (the .58 was his 'candy bar commission' for riding to the store for them, they just didn't know it LOL) Rather than having to deal with change they are just accepting tips, most people give a quarter or a dollar. One old guy gave them a dime, because according to him the cups were too small, and then he asked for a refill LOL!!! Guess that's what they get for putting "donations" and "free refills" on the sign. I hope they do well, but then again, I know if they make more than $5 they are going to want me to take them to the store so they can spend their earnings and I'm sooo tired I don't want to go anywhere right now, but I can't take a nap cuz they are out at the end of the road and I keep checking on them, of course I couldn't take a nap if they were in the house either cuz they are so noisy. They have a walkie out there with them in case they need me maybe I'll go fall asleep on the porch :-)

****update: they ended up making $24 yesterday and they were both able to get the webkinz they were hoping for :-) and they woke up this morning and wanted to do it again. Next thing ya know they'll be out there selling baked beans and toast cuz we're out of lemonade and cookies LOL