Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Rockin’ Birthday Courtney!

My baby turned 11 on Friday!!!! holy smoley! 2009 is the year of Rock n Roll around our house. My kids know more bands from the 80s than I do thanks to Rock Band! It kinda took me by surprise when Courtney said ‘Warrant is my #1 fav band followed by Beatles….I just love their antonyms' (aka hello, goodbye)

What on earth!? I don’t even remember what songs Warrant sang! Clearly my family is much more musical than I am. Duane plays acoustic, Cody plays an electric guitar and now courtney is the proud owner of a lovely pink guitar. I’m feeling a little left out. Duane did try to teach me “hey there Delilah” but it didn't stick :-)

IMG_3253 IMG_3251

Since she wanted a Rock n Roll theme. We took her to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, made her a guitar cake and bought her a guitar. She also got an Alvin and the Chipmunks CD, DVD, DS game and a stuffed Alvin. She got new drumsticks from the Hard Rock too- she’s planning on switching from flute to drums next year. Oh dear, I think we’ve created a monster. I just hope she doesn’t want a tatoo for her 12th b-day!!!!!