Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~Cue the Flowers

Wahoo I've got foliage!!!! I've never been into gardening until this year. Probably has something to do with all the hours of weeding I was FORCED to do as a child. It's been a few years and I guess I've finally gotten over it and moved on. When we bought our new house it didn't come with anything except a lot of trees and those don't really count as "landscaping". Do they? We've been here for over a year and finally decided to do something about the pitiful lack of foliage. That might not be the whole truth, the kick in the tush might have come when a teenage neighbor came over and said he'd help me with a flowerbed this year if I wanted him to. If teenagers are starting to notice your lack of flowers then it's pretty bad! The plants are still pretty puny right now but they'll fill out soon enough. It's a good start :-)




Mills Family said...

I think you changed a little more than the flowers! That looks very nice!

Lori said...

thanks carol :-) now that I've gotten over the mind set that gardening is evil (lol) I kinda like it :-)

drewmark19 said...

Wow! That really did make a big difference. I have the same feeling toward gardening that you did...and for the same reason!

Alisha said...

umm....yet another reason I think you should pay me a visit:) hehe

looks beautiful!!!