Tuesday, May 26, 2009

~Happy Mothers Day!

I had a peaceful Mothers Day spent in the backyard eating BBQ. Ahhhhhh! We had all the 'rents and siblings over after church and just hung out. We acted like Ohioans and played cornhole and tossed around the football. And for some strange reason I have no pics of any Mothers!

And my hubby and kiddos got me something I've been wanting all year............
I'm in love :-)


drewmark19 said...

Honestly, the magic bullet is the best thing out there. We use it all the time!

You know the reason no mothers are pictures? It's because men NEVER think to take a picture of their women. :) Even on Mother's Day!

cattytg said...

Does that thing really work?

Lori said...

no men never think to take the pics-ever!
yup cathrine I use mine daily for grinding coffee and cody uses it every day for making smoothies and i loooove it