Saturday, May 31, 2008

~Work work work

I thought about working out this morning but instead Cody & I starting moving the big HUGE pile of wood. cha-ching instant workout! It'll probably take us allllll stinking summer. We found all sorts of interesting bugs and spiders in there and a couple of snake skins. Makes me glad I had gloves on!!!! We used to always have to help my parents stack wood, we carried it by the armful and without gloves :-( yuck yuck yuck!!!! I made sure we had gloves and a wheelbarrow---cuz I'm the mom and I said so :-)
Now I'm off to make a carrot cake (from scratch--hope I have carrots!) to take my my mama's house tonight. We are going to hang with the fam for a while cuz Liz, Cora and Craig will be there plus I'm dividing some of Mom's hostas to plant over here, cuz I have NO landscaping what so ever, unless you count the woods.......that sorta counts right?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

~Tuesday........D's not so off day

Hmmmm Sarge is suppose to have the day off, yet he's ..... at work :-( Some kids were shipping out today so he had to go in....good grief! Good thing I was actually looking for some alone time. alone. so i could blog :-) AND........ I totally forgot about this until I saw Sgt D's book on the counter. Every time we went into the hospital last week to see Dad, Cristy & I bought books from the book sale that they had down in the lobby. Paperback were .50 and hardbacks $1!!! I bought nearly every Clive Cussler book they had for Sarge, along with a bunch of James Patterson, John Grisham, Karen Kingsbury and Nicholas Sparks and I got a whole stack of Magic Treehouse books for Courtney. Yay Me!!!! Cristy got nearly all the Left Behind series, .50 each and they looks practically brand new ;-) I need to visit the hospital more often............naw never mind

Monday, May 26, 2008

~Sunday/Monday........Bye Bye!

Sadly Cristy, Craig, Justin and Hailey had to go home today :( I guess I knew they'd have to go eventually, but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about it. (Come back Cristy!!!!) I'm just glad they got to come in the first place, since Craig was having a hard time getting leave and they weren't sure when/if they'd be down to visit this summer. Oh the joys of Army life. Maybe that was my father-in-laws plan when he got sick???? :-)Get put in the ICU so they'd HAVE to come? Thanks Dad, good thinking! lol Last night I added one more bacon cheeseburger with a baked potato to my list of sins for the week,-oh so tasty! But now that my company is gone and the holiday is over it's time to get back to chicken, fish and veggies. I don't know what's wrong with me lately, I was practically vegan there for a while and I compleeeeetely blew it this past week! Sgt D is outside grilling up some chicken right now. I figure if we use the grill 2x a day for at least a year we might get our money out of it lol We spent our Memorial Day watching the new Indiana Jones movie and going to Lowes. Duane rode in a convertible in a parade this morning and was the 'guest speaker' at the American Legion Hall. Unfortunately I have NO pics of him :-( just a pic of the plaque they gave him. Lord knows I tried to get a pic of the sarge, but "one take duane" gives me exactly that. If he happens to have his eyes closed in the first picture then too bad for me ;-(
At least I was able to sneak a picture of my not so little boy on the way into Lowes Hee hee

Sunday, May 25, 2008

~Saturday.......cookout & fishing

Saturday was cookout day for us. We just chilled at home and the in-laws came over. I have been eatin so much good/bad food this week it's ridiculous! Tastes good, yet so bad for me. I may not want to get in a bathing suit this summer. I've had McD's 2x this week, including the fries *gasp!*, fish and chips, pizza, lots of soda *gasp again* (because i don't like the water at my in-laws house and that's where I was most of the week) pumpkin cookies from my amish neighbors, meat & cheese from a new bulk food store cristy and I discovered, coconut pie, apple crisp & ice cream, burgers/hotdogs & chips, cheesy potatoes, chips-chips-and more chips. I might be the one in ICU next week! YIKES that's a lot of junk food! I'll move on now, cuz thinking about it is making me want to puke or go eat more, i'm not sure which. Maybe when Craig took the kids to play basketball or for a bike ride, I should have gone with them.
Justin & Courtney made sure we all had a good time at the cookout, they were in charge of entertainment. They made a checklist and made us all mark what we'd like to do. We played Red Rover because Craig had never heard of it and we had to make sure he left ohio knowing how to play it...just in case he should ever need to play it again:-) BTW the older you get, the more it HURTS!!!!! I bought a bullseye game where you have to throw little dart like "thingys" and try to get a bullseye but we got creative and played a bunch of different games with them. Who can throw the furthest...... then who can throw the farthest left handed, backwards, etc. the kids got inventive with it. Then they played baseball with the pool noodles which is much harder than it looks!!! We even had an egg toss. And of course Gunner was loving all the attention (and loving all the dropped food) :-) Fishing was interesting since Craig, being a city boy, has never caught a fish before. He finally got one, but I wasn't there to get a pic of his proud moment. Craig also got to chop wood for the first time :-) and he took Gunner for several runs all the way around the lake. Gunner is loving it cuz I sure don't do that. it's like 6 or 7 miles around the lake there's no way I'm doing it! Gunner lived with Craig and Cristy for 3 years while we were in SC so it was quite fun for Gunner to be with both his families, he was in heaven :-)

look, my FIL is actually relaxing!

gunner and hailey, love her pretty lil polka-dot cloth diapers! so cute! playing fetch ...... doggy heaven, the neighbors dog was sooooo jealous
noodle baseball, not so easy....

Hey Craigles, that's Haileys bike!Perfect temperature and plenty of sun. Oh my stars it was a beautiful day!!!!!

Justin & Courtney giggling over the worms Craigs way of fishing......1.look for a fish 2. drop the line on it's head

LOL why bother casting right?! & karaoke night

Cristy and I have decided we're much too old to stay up past midnight singing :-( When we were kids, we could stay up past 3am with no probs, well it doesn't work quite the same now that we're moms, especially when haylie wakes up by 7am. It was fun doing Britney Spears karaoke battles tho. We tied nearly every time. Must be from all the practice we got on our road trips to Colorado :-) After Cody and Shane left to go to shanes house, we tried to move Haylie's crib from Courtney's room, to Cody's room without waking her up, but got stuck in the doorway and nearly peed ourselves giggling, especially when she woke up and looked at us like we were crazy. aaaah giggling till we pee just like old times, but noone's been drinking LOL
watching the boys play baseball
miss haylie is such a big girl (18months), sitting on a bar stool and feeding herself breakfast.
Lovin' on Gunner :-)
Dancin girl
Even Gunner sings Karaoke!
Justin was cracking up over Cody & Shane's singing
Justin was very VERY serious about getting this song right so he could beat Shane, not bad for a 7 year old eh?! just wish the lighting was better so you could see his face, cuz his expression were soooo cute. click PLAY to watch the video.........

~Thursday.......Goodbye & Surprise!

Thursday was spent over at my parent-in-laws house. (new word!) Dad was feeling alot better, even took some amish runs because he just CAN NOT sit still for very long "resting". (that's what my in-laws do, they run amish around in their devil made, fast cars) Aunt Katie and family were here from Pennsylvania fabric shopping so we got to visit them for a while in Mt Hope. Then we went to some garage sales. Craig and Cristy packed up to go back to MI about 3pm and I went home to get the kids from school. Goodbyes are so sad..........

But around 5pm they called and said they were coming back :-) and they'd be to my house in about 1/2 hour .......surprise!!!!!!! :-)

My MIL with Cousin Chris & Aunt Katie Miss Hailey

Craig demonstrating another bathroom LOL actually I think he was waiting for us all to get out of the laundry room so he could do more than demonstrate

Lucky me, I just happened to put a chicken in the crockpot in the morning so I was able to whip up a descent meal for my company, otherwise I might have been flipping out over what to make for dinner :-) It was the first time I made it with lemon and rosemary and it was really good and super simple, try it sometime why don't ya?

~Wednesday....home again, home again jiggity jig

My FIL got to leave the hospital today. Not sure that he's going to get any rest at home with all of us hanging out there tho :-) poor guy. It's a bit like this ..................

~Tuesday....Party in the ICU :-)

My FIL was in the hospital ICU a few days ago (don't worry he's ok now) so Cristy and Craig came down to visit him, which worked out great for ME, cuz I love when they visit!!! :-) um thanks for getting them to come visit Dad hee hee We went to visit him in the hospital Tuesday and luckily he had a really cool nurse who didn't run us out of there. Technically there was only suppose to be 2 visitors at a time and NO kiddos allowed. Well there was 4 adults and 4 really loud kids in Dads room and the really cool nurse was really nice and just laughed and shut the door :-) The next day, the really cool nurse was not there :-( and in her place was a really mean nurse who was a stickler for rules, Wednesday wasn't as much fun :-(

"poooooor grandpa, hey lets take a picture with him!!!!"

Rock on Justin!

"wow Cody weighs alot!!!"

Grandma & Hailey

It's very unfortunate for you that you can't tell Craig is demonstrating the cool pull out toilet. Instead of having a real bathROOM in the hospital room, the toilet pulls out of the cabinet under the sink and really flushes. Never heard of that before but it was cool. It doesn't take much to entertain us LOL

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

~This week

Lets see....... this week we are keeping busy. Last Friday and Saturday we (liz & I) had a garage sale. Did pretty good, we made enough to buy our plane tickets to FL next December for our 'moms only vacation' with Alisha and Missy :-) Didn't have much junk left by the time it was over, which was the goal :-) We had oodles of Amish come the first day, one of the oddest things any of them bought was a computer print shop program LOL not sure why....but hey, it was money so I'm not complaining. It rained in the morning but the sun actually came up in the late afternoon so my sleepy sister went out to sit in the sun. With the blanket on, doesn't it look like she's some patient at the hospital that got wheeled outside for fresh air and fell asleep? hahahaha I don't know how she slept with the horses in the driveway jingling their bridles and an amish lady that kept playing with a barbie toy that says "wow!"+"cool!" over and over and over LOLFriday night my In-laws came to stay the night and "help" with the garage sale the next day. (they ended up going shopping at other garage sales). Then they took the kids home with them to spend the night, Courtney and Grandma went to the Mother/Daughter banquet and courtney made a lovely straw hat for me. Cody and Gramps mowed the lawn at the church and did "guy stuff". Then they hung out with the amish neighbors, went to get ice cream and Cody got to drive the buggy home LOL wish I had pics of that!!! Duane & I got to go on a date!!!! We went out to eat with Lizard and Craig (who we reallllly like) and went to see Iron Man which we also realllly liked. I had no interest what so ever in the movie before, but it was surprisingly good! Got to see Sarge's new army office too, with the new furniture they just got, you can't really see it but there is a really big flatscreen tv in there.. ooooooh aaaaaaah I can't wait till he get all his stuff hung up on the walls (and out from behind my loveseat)
ANNNNNNNNNND I ate chicken wings for the first time. Sarge decided to make them on the grill for dinner and insisted I try them. I'm NOT a big fan of gnawing meat off a bone, like a dog.... Kinda makes me feel creepy. The only reason I gave in was because he smoking a cigar at the time and for some reason I find it cute. I think cigarettes are nasty, but Cigars I find sexy. I guess because the only time he usually smokes a cigar is at Army formals.........when he's in dress blues. And if you know what dress blues are you'll know what I mean :-) My SIL (and family) are here for a few days because Sarge's Dad is in the hospital (ICU!) Not sure what's going on yet, but he became violently sick & Migrane-y (i made that up) shortly after we picked the kids up at church. Hope my kids didn't drive him nuts!!! They are running all sorts of tests, MRI's and such, so hopefully we'll find out something soon. But at least we get to spend time with Cristy for the next few days :-) Duane's parents were suppose to be going to visit her in MI this weekend, and my FIL says they are still going!!!! The man is still in ICU and he thinks he's going up to MI in a few days to help Craig and Cristy WORK on their house!!! LOL The guy never stops working!!!! Hmmm maybe this is God's way of telling him to slow down????? Pray he'll feel better soon, they'll figure out what's wrong AND that he will learn to slow down and rest.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

~Happy Momma's Day!

Oh How I love Mothers Day! Because I don't have to cook or clean! and boy am I going to pay for that on Monday, my house is a disaster now. Saturday, was "my day" because we knew we'd be running around Sunday. Duane took us all out to eat and gave me rocking chairs for my front porch and adirondack chairs for the back! Just what I wanted!!!:-) Mothers Day is especially nice this year because we actually got to see our mothers, we're usually out of state. We picked up lunch and took it over to D's moms house, my sweet MIL gave me flowers and chocolates and gave the kiddos some presents too :-) Then Duane and Cody did the dishes after lunch yeah! We headed to my mom's house after that for dinner and cheesecake, that us kiddoss provided so mom wouldn't have to cook and my Daddy got volunteered to do dishes hee hee. My kiddos made me cards and gave me boxes of funky chocolates and best of all indulged me in a rare photo shoot.....
look how tall my "baby" is getting!!! he's 5'8" already!
he looks REALLY tall by grandma shortstuff, I mean schrier

Thursday, May 8, 2008

~It doesn't take much to make me happy :-)

3 things that make me happy today. 1)After a dreadful, dreary, depressing winter of BLAHness, we have GREEN!!!! I mean Green green, like "I'm in Ireland" Green :-) I'm so happpppy to have color back in Ohio!!! 2)D took the stinking blue tarp off the wood pile. You have no idea how I despised that blue tarp. It was such an eye sore! That tarp was so bright you could see it from the satellite. Alisha thought we had a pool when she looked up our address! The only time I liked it was when it was completely covered in snow. I literally jumped up and down when Duane took it off. 3)We have a pretty new grill that I'm not afaid to light. It's the simple little things that make me happy :-)